Monday, December 5, 2016

Ask to see

There are some lucky people out there who find Lice Clinics of America the first time they have lice. I know reading that you think, "Who is lucky that has lice?" True - lice is never fun but at the same time it doesn't have to be the worst thing ever and disrupt your life for weeks or months.

For the people we see in the clinic that have had lice before, they have tried the over the counter methods, the old wives tales, and every kind of service out there. Eventually the combing and oil and washing non stop drives them to find a different way - a better way. A way that helps them return to their regularly scheduled life quicker.

As I've said before almost every method will work if you put in the time - my caveat on that is PLEASE DON'T put gasoline on your child's head, or yours for that matter. That is never going to work and it is just plain dangerous. You may giggle at that but you would be surprised at how many people do that.

If this is your first time getting lice or you or your child seems to be the life of the lice party know what you are looking for or ask questions of the person helping you. You are paying them and they should be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

I'm saying this because we have seen too many people who were taken advantage of when it came to lice. Companies who won't tell you what they are going to do to remove the lice and nits from your hair until they get to your home. This is to force you into using them because most people are so stressed out they aren't going to send someone away at that point. And then they don't find out until they are finished that for this to work they need to sleep in oil every night for weeks and comb every morning. Who honestly has time for that?

Others who do have the guts to say no we don't want to do that and send them away, research alternatives and come to us - only to find out there isn't a louse or nit anywhere to be found. So what was that person about to charge them to do?

I've showed people a nit comb filled with nits to have them say, "No when my child was combed out it didn't look anything like that at all. It was some white flakes but they got it all." They may have gotten it all but it wasn't lice they were getting. Or when they pull their comb out of the baggie and say, "See here these dark spots. Those are the eggs I got. This is what the professional showed me" and I have them put the loop over those spots to have them realize those spots are nothing, just the comb.

So whatever method you use for lice removal ask lots of questions. Ask to see what they are finding in the hair - and use something to zoom in on it, even if it is the camera on your phone. Know what bugs and eggs look like so someone can't take advantage. Lice is traumatizing enough without treating when you don't really have it!!

This is a nymph hatching from the nit under the microscope.

I've actually shown people bugs I keep in a bag so they can see it and again recently we've had someone who has been self treating say, "No that isn't what I've seen, what are those."

So if you have any questions or need our help please feel free to call or text: 240-766-5423 or contact us through the "book now" link at the top of the page. We are here to help. We want your lice infestation to end now and be worry free!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Just because you found lice

I love what I do. I would have never believed it if someone told me a year ago that this is what I would be doing. I would have laughed, pretty hard I'm guessing. But now I can't imagine doing anything else.

I get to spend my day helping people though what some thing is the worst thing that could ever happen to them. I know they don't mean that but in that moment of stress and shame and failure they feel it - because I felt it too the first time.

Now I know better and for a brief moment in time I get to help people see they didn't fail just because their family got lice and they don't have to stress about it because the AirAlle method is so easy and lets face it - lice like clean hair and they know who the greatest host and hostesses are.

While treatments are happening I get to chat with people. Every day new people and it is great. I learn of all sorts of new places to go and see. Fun stuff to do with the kids or on date night. But of course the biggest topic of conversation is Lice.

In those conversations I learn all the different ways people have tried to rid them from their life. Many of them I've heard multiple times before and can find all sorts of info on the internet - mayo, olive oil, baby oil. Day after day sleeping with these on your hair. Then there is the Cetaphil and hair dryer method - again multiple days of this. All the over the counter methods done multiple times during an infestation along with the prescriptions from doctors. People even go as far as having relatives from their native countries send them crazy chemical topical treatments from home and some even go as far as putting gasoline on their head and the heads of their kids.

I know the panic that hits when you discover lice - I've been there. It is overpowering!! But when it happens try as hard as you can to take a deep breath and take a moment.

Would you put gasoline on your child at any other time? If the answer is no you shouldn't do it just because you found lice.

Would you let your child sleep with a plastic bag in their bed let alone their head? If the answer is no you shouldn't do it just because you found lice.

Lice Clinics of America is an easy, chemical free and safe method of lice removal without all the follow up the above mentioned methods require. You get to take time to relax while we take care of the lice and in about an hour life is back to normal.

Which ever method you use - please be safe!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

No-Lice® Hair Bands

We have a new product in that I am so excited about. No-Lice® hair bands. We've been testing them out and all the reviews are awesome. The girls wearing them in classes with outbreaks have stayed lice free!!

No-Lice® hair bands perform as a lice repellent . Each hair band is infused with a natural formula proven to repel lice up to three weeks. 

No-Lice® contains a unique formula that powerfully protects from head lice. It is free of pesticides, non-toxic, and leaves no residue. 

Long Lasting:
Each No-Lice® hair band and its unique formula tested effective for 2 to 3 weeks. Getting the 5 pack can give you up to 3 months of protection.

It is widely known that keeping hair pulled back helps stop the spread of lice. Now with the No-Lice® hair band you can add an extra level of protection.

Easy to wear:
No-Lice® leave no residue or require complicated applications. 

Help keep lice away the discreet and practical way .

Friday, September 16, 2016

Our Spotify Station

 Listen to LCA Rockville

Our family is hooked on Spotify. We all have playlists we've made that we listen to constantly. We follow each other's playlists and we are always looking for new songs or lists or stations to add to our playlists.

So when we opened the clinic we set up a clinic station. - LCA Rockville - It started out with just a handful of songs that we liked and a long day at the clinic would mean you could hear the songs over and over again. 

Over time we have added songs customers have talked about, new ones we heard on the radio or in a movie, old favorites that spark memories and at the time of this posting we are at 159 songs totaling 9 hours and 56 minutes of music.

As I type David Bowie is letting me know that we can be Heroes just for one day!!

The best part about this station is everyone sitting in the chair taking care of something that let's be honest, they would rather not have to deal with, is smiling and singing along or bobbing their head to the music. People ask all the time, "Is this the radio playing?" and we tell them, "No it is our awesome Spotify station. Check it out it is LCA Rockville."

So when you are looking for a great mix of music that really has a bit of everything check out the awesome music that fills the clinic each day - we love it - and we are always adding to it. And next time you visit us feel free to give us you favorite suggestions to add to our ever growing playlist!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tired of combing?

When going the old standard route of lice removal the key is combing. Combing, combing and more combing. Along with washing, washing and more washing. And then there are all those bags of things that can't be combed or washed.

Those were the things that wore me down while going the nit picking route. It was just too much. My kids hated me for making them sit there every night and they were even less happy with all their favorite things being bagged up.

The uncertainty was so much to handle as well. Always checking!! Always wondering if there was someone new at the party. One of those things was too much but all of them - Oh goodness!!!

Such a huge difference between Nit Picking and using the AirAlle method. Of course after having the AirAlle treatment you have to wash the sheets and any clothes worn in the last 48 hours - but that is it!!! No more every night!!! 

The piece of mind that everything is dead - and can not longer hatch and the joy you feel in knowing you don't have to do as much laundry as you were thinking - well that right there my friends is euphoric!!

Don't spent the next 2 weeks combing and washing every night. Take care of lice in a few short hours and be back to normal that same day!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

So your family has lice

Stop googling lice!!
Don't click on that video that will keep you awake nights!!
There is no need to panic!!!

I tell you this from my own personal experience - learn from my mistakes - please!!

Take a deep breath - we'll get through this together - I promise you.

I know it seems icky.
I know you can't believe you didn't realize your child had it.
You are not a horrible parent.
You don't have to wash everything in the house.

I tell you all this because I did freak out.
I sat there washing and combing thinking to myself, "How did I not see this? I am such a horrible mother. I wash his hair and I didn't see this at all. It wasn't even on my radar." 

And then I started rewashing everything in our house - and I hate laundry!!

I bagged up everything any of us had touched.

And then I did the worst thing I could have done - I stayed up all night googling lice. Watching horrible lice videos. Reading everything that came across my screen. I made myself crazy.

But the biggest mistake I made was not going to a Lice Clinics of America and having the AirAllé treatment done. Oh we got rid of the lice after spending 3 weeks combing every single night. Washing bedding every single night. And leaving all our beloved stuffed animals bagged up like they had done something wrong.

The nightly combing (3 hours every night for all of us) and washing had such an effect on me that I decided my area needed a Lice Clinics of America - I needed to bring the AirAllé method of lice removal to my area.

The over the counter shampoos did nothing to the lice in our house. In fact I am pretty sure I heard those little buggers laughing at me as I combed them out of his hair, even after leaving it on my child's head way longer than the box states. Not a single one was dead!!  

The heat from the AirAllé device kills not only the bugs but the eggs too!!! IT KILLS THE EGGS!!! Nothing else kills the eggs - which is why you have to comb night after night after night. 

With the eggs dead your infestation ends when you walk out of the clinic. A once and done treatment in about an hours. You see now why not going to a Lice Clinics of America was my biggest mistake?

You go home and wash your hair, wash your bedding and wash your clothes from the last 48 hours and you are finished!!! In the world of lice removal that feels magical!! There is no obsessively checking every moment of every day to make sure you got every single nit because you are worried the infestation didn't end.

Since our first encounter with lice we have had it again and let me tell you - nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares to the AirAllé method of lice removal. I would venture to say the whole process is relaxing and stress free.

Contact me if you have questions. I am happy to answer any and all. I want to bring this superior method of lice removal to as many people as possible.