Thursday, September 29, 2016

No-Lice® Hair Bands

We have a new product in that I am so excited about. No-Lice® hair bands. We've been testing them out and all the reviews are awesome. The girls wearing them in classes with outbreaks have stayed lice free!!

No-Lice® hair bands perform as a lice repellent . Each hair band is infused with a natural formula proven to repel lice up to three weeks. 

No-Lice® contains a unique formula that powerfully protects from head lice. It is free of pesticides, non-toxic, and leaves no residue. 

Long Lasting:
Each No-Lice® hair band and its unique formula tested effective for 2 to 3 weeks. Getting the 5 pack can give you up to 3 months of protection.

It is widely known that keeping hair pulled back helps stop the spread of lice. Now with the No-Lice® hair band you can add an extra level of protection.

Easy to wear:
No-Lice® leave no residue or require complicated applications. 

Help keep lice away the discreet and practical way .

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