Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vacation Lice

I don't know about your family but our family starts a countdown the second we plan a vacation. FYI it is 62 days before we head to the beach for a week with my whole family.

Last year we had just started the business and had a short cruise out of Baltimore planned. We were going to be gone a couple of days but something told me a couple of days before leaving to get a head check. 

Into the shop my husband and I went, he put on his headset, got out a stick, parted my hair and exclaimed, "Winner winner chicken dinner!!."

Yup - I had lice. I called my dad and asked him to pick the kids up from camp and bring them in so we could check them too.

Sure I knew the AirAlle was the greatest way to get rid of lice so I wasn't worried at all. I was so thankful that we found it before boarding that cruise ship. The last thing I would have wanted to focus on was combing lice out of my hair while finally having some awesome family time.

Now, whenever we are going to be away from home I get a head check just to make sure. I also keep a bottle of the Super Lice Fighters finishing rinse in our suitcase because if we should find lice I know using that gives me at least a week to get the heat. Kills all the bugs with no chemicals and I can go about having fun.

Sadly lately we have had several customers come in who found lice while on that wonderful family vacation. Places like Disneyworld, Paris, the beach and a Disney Cruise. Just breaks my heart they had to worry about something like lice while they should have been having the time of their lives.

Plan those before vacation head checks and always keep a bottle of the Super Lice Fighters Oil Treatment in your suitcase

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