Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Twist N Clip

 Buy the Twist N Clip

To say I am excited about this new product would be an understatement and I'll tell you why.

About 10 years ago my boss was wearing a new hair clip and couldn't stop raving about it. Her daughter picked it up at the salon where she worked and she kept insisting, "You have to give this a try. You're going to love it."

Honestly, my thought was, "A hair clip is a hair clip. A simple rubber band does the trick." But I did notice her hairstyle was super cute and I'm always up for trying my next new-favorite-product-that-I-never-knew-I-couldn't-live-without.

Turns out it WAS that product for so many reasons.

- The styles I could create looked so great
- It didn't yank my hair and rip out a bunch when I took it out
- My hair stayed in place all day - no fussing with it at all
- I could lean my head back without my clip or ponytail getting in the way

- There was never a sore spot on my head like with a ponytail

I bought 2 packages of 4 and loved them. For 10 years they were my go-to clip. Every once in a while I would give one to someone I really liked (I hated parting with them but they are such great clips I wanted to share). When I started doing lice treatments they became my must have because they kept my hair in place so nicely through the long day.

Then the day finally came - I was down to my last clip. I started searching for more. Only when I bought them they were called The Clever Clip and all I could find was a website designer who made their original site and a single YouTube video. I tried all sorts of searches to no avail - and I am honestly the master at finding stuff online so it was so disheartening. 

I decided to call the web designer and see if he had contact information for the company. When I told him what I needed he said, "You know that was over 10 years ago but let me see what I can find."

He found 3 email addresses and a phone number. I sent an email to all 3 addresses letting them know what I was looking for and within an hour I got a response. The inventor Rachel Taylor wrote me back and believe it or not she lives in the area and had recently gotten the rights back for the clip and had a big supply of them. Although now they were called the Twist N Clip.

We made a plan to meet so I could get the clips and sell them in the shop. I was so excited to meet the woman who invented the greatest hairclip of all time and to be able to offer it to everyone in my shop and online.

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